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An island populated entirely by happy, flightless birds or almost entirely. In this paradise, Red, a bird with a temper problem, speedy Chuck, and the volatile Bomb have always been outsiders. But when the island is visited by mysterious green piggies, it’s up to these unlikely outcasts to figure out what the pigs are up to.

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The Angry Birds Movie movie full length review - An O.K. Film with Notable Changes to Source Material

I have been a fan of Angry Birds since I got to play the demo on Windows Phone five years ago and, switching to Android, and Facebook gaming, I'd played many of their games..

. and got upset with "Angry Birds Stella" feeling abandoned, and "Angry Birds 2" feeling like a stretched-out King game. Regardless, I still like the birds, the pigs, and the whole premise of the birds saving three eggs... while giving pigs some black eyes.

Yes, three eggs. The original concept is that Red (the main character) is a father, and he and his friends don't take kindly the idea of King Pig and his subjects egg-napping the would-be hatchlings. This exact premise is also closely followed in the cartoon show, "Angry Birds Toons". Watching the movie, however, they changed a lot of details from the source material, even giving the characters limbs.

When I heard of the announcements for both the cartoon show and movie, I thought that the game's plot would work well as a cartoon show, or, in this case, a web show, but I had always doubt if it'd translate well as a movie, since the birds barely talked. No wonder they changed a lot of things.

I'll talk about the movie in both fields: the nature of it as a standalone film, and its relationship with the source material.

As its own movie, I can honestly say that its intended targets are kids. The animation style, the movie's version of the story, the jokes, the body languages, they can actually make someone smile, or even laugh out loud. This works more so with kids.

The plot's simple to follow, with things getting crazy in Sony's typical fashion in the climax. The story's that Red got himself into trouble with his anger issues, and got sent to anger management. There, he meets the other birds in the game: Matilda (the teacher), and Chuck, Bomb, and Terrance (fellow students). (If you weren't distracted, you'd notice Stella, Bubble, and Hal in the background as well.) While Red was sort of socializing, and beating up Chuck's sign, as opposed to learning to not be angry, King Pig launches a Trojan Horse-like campaign by making friends with the other birds, while having his subjects steal all the town's eggs by the last minute. Since Red never trusted the pigs, and even tried to consult Mighty Eagle... and failed, the town tasked him, and volunteering "angry birds", to get the eggs back. And that's where you'd see a not-so-familiar version of the Angry Birds gameplay unfolding in the climax.

Honestly, the story wasn't too special, but the ending seems cool for Red and his friends. The jokes and gags also help add some life to it, even supporting characters like the mime, the hugger, and even the Blues and their parents that get Red and the audiences' attentions. I only wished the Blues were in the film, fighting the pigs, instead of giving us a tease of a movie sequel. Terrance even broke the slingshot before we could see the game-like damages he can do. Chef Pig, Foreman Pig, and Corporal Pig (who seemed to be absent) weren't given enough spotlights to shine, while the whole fighting the pigs came, and ended, suddenly. And why couldn't they use the same intro to Red's character like they did in the advert? The film's actual intro was confusing, since they switched back and forth in Red's life.

Another complaint I have's that, if you blink, you could end up missing the main characters of "Angry Birds Stella" who aren't Stella. It doesn't help giving them limbs to the point that I couldn't tell who was who at first.

But, how does the movie stand by its source material? Well, only by half. Again, the victims of the egg-napping are Red and his friends, not everyone else, and they were only three eggs. To make the concept movie-worthy, they changed a lot of things till the premise felt unfamiliar (Matilda even now "shoots fireworks out of her butt", as opposed to eggs), even by adding new supporting characters not seen in the games. But, slingshoting birds at the pigs and objects stayed true, even though they weren't Foreman Pig's obstacles, but a whole city, and random birds were shot too. Even Mighty Eagle shows up as the birds' much-needed help, like in the games to some gamers, but they did leave out the iconic sardine cans.

You just have to watch the movie to tell if you'd like it, or not, or maybe just find it O.K. But, ideally, Sony and Rovio seemed to have made this film for younger audience who don't necessarily ask for anything complicated. Just stick to watching "Captain America: Civil War" if you're in the older demographic.

As for Nintendo, it's probably best they don't talk to Sony in making a Mario movie. Looking at Disney XD, and "Wreck-it Ralph", they should hire Disney instead.