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When mailman Bridd Takes his sexy date Charlotte home, they find their boss on the floor with a mail opener stuck in his chest. The assailants are also after Bridd and he has to use all his talents to foil an extra-terrestrial complot.

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The Answer movie full length review - The Cromance

The movie is a nice try by Iqbal to bring some romance between humans and aliens if we say so. However, I felt that movie lacks many important factual information that would allow the viewers to have a grasp of where the story has begun from.

Also, the movie does not qualify to the canonical movies but I can call it a "soap sci-fi" movie where we already know what would happen by just having a simple guess. In the same line, the plot is not that sophisticated and was not really polished at least to avoid some clichés. The actress fell behind in some scenes where she didn't seem natural and I bet that many have noticed that especially when they argued. Again it's a nice watch by Iqbal but compared to the gurus of sci-fi movies, it is only a decent try. The movie could be improved only adding more mini climax to it.