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When mailman Bridd Takes his sexy date Charlotte home, they find their boss on the floor with a mail opener stuck in his chest. The assailants are also after Bridd and he has to use all his talents to foil an extra-terrestrial complot.

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The Answer movie full length review - Such promise

The story had such promise and did manage to hook me in reasonably quickly. Unfortunately, that was as good as it got.

I do like sci-fi and once does have to suspend belief, but a good sci-fi film can easily make one believe in time travel, parallel dimensions etc. The first killer for me is when a **really** beautiful babe, who did not appear to be a stranger to using her sexual attraction, falls for the main character. It took me for over half the film to realise that she was not a plant by the Secret Services. So many aspects of the story could have been explored for easily another 30 mins of quality sci-fi, the film is too short at 83 mins as is. Better acting would have been mandatory. In fact, other than the promising story the only other good thing about this film is that it is indeed short so I did not waste too much of my life. Do yourselves a favour and do what the song says, "just walk on by" and give it a miss.