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Immediately after his death, the victim of a car crash gets answers to every question he's ever had about his life, including the most import one of all - what did it all mean?

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The Answers movie full length review - "Every question you've had about your life in 8 minutes or less."

The movie comes with an intriguing tagline: "Every question you've had about your life in 8 minutes or less." At the film's outset, poor Nathan has died and finds himself in a white, featureless void of an afterlife.

Intrigued by it all he starts to ask some really personal question at first like 'What was his bravest moment' and 'How close did he come to a shark in the ocean'? but soon, as the answers cut deeper and deeper, the man begins to learn things he never wanted to know.

For people who are not into romance, if any, shouldn't let this viral short film get past them. The story unfolds in a way which bind the viewers, making them care about Nathan and think about what could've been?