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Margaret Mead is the best known anthropologist of all time. How can her legacy guide a species that today faces unprecedented changes to its environment? THE ANTHROPOLOGIST is a follow up to the Sundance hit and Emmy nominee THE LINGUISTS.

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The Anthropologist movie full length review - Highly recommend this gem of a film

Full disclosure, I believe in climate change, but films on the topic tend to be doom-and-gloom with a side of preachy, overly earnest lecturing. To my surprise, this film is not that at all.

Narrated by Kathryn, the daughter of a working anthropologist, and Mary Bateson, the daughter of Margaret Mead, The Anthropologist elegantly weaves together stories from past and present: how scientists piece (and have pieced) together human adaptation in a rapidly changing world. I had no idea what anthropologists do (aside from occasionally channel-surfing past Bones) and how they help us understand challenges we face as a global community. I highly recommend this gem of a film.