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Organized Noize shaped the landscape of Hip Hop music with a distinct sound created in the confines of a dungeon. They're responsible for the careers of Outkast, CeeLo, Goodie Mob, and the Dungeon Family. This is the story of the Art of Organized.

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The Art of Organized Noize movie full length review - Must See For Any Fans Of Organized Noize And Southern Hip-Hop

I got a chance to see one of the first showings of this during SXSW. This documentary is inspirational, and even surprisingly funny at times.

I have seen some of this footage before on Youtube and other documentaries, but the majority of it was new to me. There are lots of great interviews throughout. I'd recommend this for any fan of Organized Noize and the amazing list of musicians that they have worked with (Outkast, Goodie Mob, Joi, TLC, En Vogue, Lil' Will, Cool Breeze, Witchdoctor, Kilo Ali, Parental Advisory, Curtis Mayfield, Ludicrous, etc). It was very cool to get an inside look at where everything started, and get some insight into their production technique. I'll definitely be watching this again soon on Netflix. 10/10