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In an abandoned asylum, a series of secret experiments on the nature of brainwashing is being conducted - a project code-named 'Limes' (a term describing a borderline between the civilized and barbaric world).

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The Asylum movie full length review - Enjoyed this thrilller

For a B rated SciFi thought this movie was pretty interesting. Thought the bad cop/prison guard was a pretty cool and an intimidating character, especially the way he ate and peeled the apple.

.believable and evil character....although a b rated movie i found the cast and filming pretty good quality, of course its not Lucas and Star Wars but definitely entertaining and keeps you on the edge of the seat,...thumbs up..I enjoy some of these b rated movies especially thrillers, so many of the box office "must see's or disappointments I would definetlly recommend this movie to the thriller/sci-fi enthusist,i thoroughly enjoyed it.... give it a try!