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The Birch movie full length review - How to deal with your bully

"The Birch" is a Bristish 4-minute short film from 2016 written and directed by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton. So yeah, it is really short, but even taking this into account I cannot say I am impressed.

It is basically the story of a teenager who gets bullied by another student. Thanks to his grandmother(?), however, and a really scary tree spirit his problem gets solved. As IMDb categorizes this film as horror, you can probably already imagine how. It's not about the acting really here, so you cannot blame the actors, but I found the story generally not too interesting and the lack of chronology also hurts the film's atmospheric impact in my opinion. I have to give this one a thumbs-down and I hope the filmmaker duo here can step things up for upcoming projects, especially when it comes to full feature films. From what I have seen here, I am not too curious about their body of work and other movies by them. Not recommended.