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An intimate portrait of a 9 year old sociopath as he discovers his taste for killing.

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The Boy movie full length review - Amazing

To start off, I want to say that Jared Breeze performed AMAZING in the movie. I can really sense and feel Ted's loneliness through the his eyes. I really want to enter the movie and befriend him.

It was so agonizing to witness a child grow up in such an isolated and deserted place. If I was Ted, I would literally stomp right out of that motel and never come back.

You can also see that Ted does so much, only for one purpose: To find his mother who has apparently left with a 'trucker' years ago to Florida (which I'm fairly certain the trucker is actually 'William Colby' - played by Rainn Wilson).

Ted's father, John Henley (David Morse) tries to care for his son, but I guess he's too depressed to do so, leaving Ted to wonder off on his own every day.

The thing I don't get is there's literally only him and his son Ted in that deserted motel, with occasional customers. John also mentioned that he knows Ted gets very lonely in the motel and that he has no friends. So why does John not spend more time with his son? Is he THAT depressed to the point where he just sits in the motel all day and do nothing, EVERYDAY?

It was just something that I felt I had to get off my chest when I was watching the movie. COME ON JOHN, YOUR SON NEEDS YOU. Why're you still sitting on the couch?!

The scene where the bunch of prom teens bullied Ted was also pretty brutal. I felt SO sad for Ted, like really sad. Screw those teens... BUT the worse part was when Ted went to seek his dad for comfort, and John just reprimanded Ted for not leaving the customers alone.


To conclude, this movie was AMAZING. The cast performed great and contrary to many who say the pace of this movie was too slow, I felt that it was necessary. It was necessary for the audience to witness truly how lonely and boring life was for Ted - which will then allow them to understand why Ted was so eager to leave the motel and look for his mom.

This movie definitely won't make you feel happy and I'm pretty sure it wasn't made to. But this movie was able to evoke many emotions from me, which I think is what makes a movie successful. A good movie doesn't always have happy endings or make audiences happy.

I'm no great movie reviewer or critic, all these are just my thoughts after watching the movie.