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A sheriff must rescue an estranged family from the impending eruption of a volcano, at the same time fighting off a horde of lava-filled zombies brought to life by the cursed mountains.

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The Burning Dead movie full length review - Falls completely under the mark of succeeding under any circumstances.

First, before starting anything, the fact that I even talked myself into watching this is unbelievable. I've had no expectations for this SyFy recycled movie.

I'm pretty sure you can tell why JUST by the title, cover, and entire idea. You have the plot of a couple of characters all meeting together from different locations after a volcano strike, of which unearths volcanic zombies. Yes. Volcanic zombies. First off, the idea, period is just stupid. It's an idea that just doesn't belong, and fails in any form of entertainment. It may succeed in pulling the "audiences'" attention toward the film, but only because it's ridiculous title, cover, etc. will confuse the heck out of some people. The characters in this film, are nowhere near special. They're all literally the highest of clichéd characters you've seen millions of times in this film. They're personalities are honestly hard to watch as they try to be heroic, and strong, but come out hilarious, and not in a good way. We as the audience could literally care less for what these atrocious characters are put through, whether they live or die. We didn't care. The characters even gone as far as becoming unbelievable annoying, and even angering from they're clichéd acts, dreadful dialog, and overall overused, recycled personalities. The whole volcanic eruption involved terrible, terrible CGI, as well as an even horrid idea of actually involving what seemed to be ghosts literally flying out of the volcano, into the ground, uprising the zombies. The zombies looked cheap, in all honesty. The action these zombies take, as well, doesn't make any sense. The film also has this utterly annoying "adventure" soundtrack that plagues repetitively, making this film more annoying than it already was..

In conclusion, what a mess of a film.. everything was truly bad.. overused characters, recycled SyFy plot, and overall story, terrible, terrible CGI, overall annoying cast, as well as acting. The list goes on.. this film seemed to be more of a joke rather than anything.. and the entire film was just one huge, atrocious mess. Please. Save your time, do not watch this film. I wouldn't recommend it as it succeeds in nothing, and literally fails instead.