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Ryan is not unlike millions of people – fresh out of college, a dead-end job, and an endless search for meaning in his life. Offered a new start via a self-help group, simply known as The Center, and their highly charismatic leader Vincent, Ryan soon finds himself enmeshed in a world that seemingly offers him hope. But, there is a dark side to everything, and The Center has many secrets.

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The Center movie full length review - No Explosions Necessary

In recent years, the popularity of a movie has been based more on the number of explosions, car chases, and other fun, flashy things than its grip on reality. Now, don't get me wrong.

I love seeing a world eating robot blow up as much as the next person, but it is nice to have the director trust that I have a little more depth than that (albiet not likely much). With this in mind, it was refreshing to be able to sit down to The Center and see a real person living in the real world facing real challenges.

The directorial debut of Charlie Griak presents the haunting tale of Ryan (a truly believable Matt Cici) who really just wants to be able to connect with the people in his life and find meaning/fulfillment. This journey leads him down the road of self-discovery, aided in large part by The Center, a self-help group with some unorthodox techniques. The Center plays a major part in Ryan's journey of discovery, but ultimately, he is his own agent, following an authentic path to finding his true self.

Charlie Griak's ability to tell a story weaving in visual, audio, and thematic motifs is incredible. His message is clear, without being forced upon the audience. The grit of the characters truly shines, as does the fantastic score by Alex Berglund.

Since nothing blows up, there is instead a sense of beauty and wonder throughout. If you want to leave a movie with a deeper understanding of humanity and yourself, this is one you should really check out.