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A Bronx boxer fights his way to a better life.

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The Challenger movie full length review - Bronx Boy Wonder Turns Boxer !

First and foremost, I am not a critic nor pretend to be one; but I was simply moved with the viewing of The Challenger today. This small independent film exceeded my expectations.

What really impressed me the most about Kent Moran's directorial debut feature film was his approach to subject matter, casting and how he utilized the limited resources for the telling of the story. It breathed with an air of sincerity, which is rarely seen these days. Yes, it was rather predicable at times and melodramatic - but that's what movies are made of. Hollywood has been dazzling and manipulating our senses for God knows how long. Remember ROCKY ? However, The Challenger is unusually different among it's former colleagues.

What really sets this movie apart for me; was the fact that it was very innovative in style and not so conventional as others. For instance, take the sequence of the final bout. It was not your typical in your face adrenaline shots, most commonly used. It was choreographed in a dream-like state of fragmented movement. And furthermore, the choice of music during the fight scene was impeccably complimentary. Also, let's consider the interesting angular character development which was achieved in the film's short running time.

As far as Kent, Cast and Crew goes - I commend them all for their splendid work. My only regret is that Michael Clarke Duncan did not see this theatrical release. His performance along with S. Epatha Merkerson were the heart and soul of this marvelous story.

Oh, by the way - Who the hell was that 2nd Unit Director?

Somebody Give That Man A Job!