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It is 1973 and the Springwood Police Dept. have just arrested a man they believe to be the notorious child murderer known as the Springwood Slasher.

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The Confession of Fred Krueger movie full length review - Director obviously has good friends...

The writer/director of this rubbish obviously has good friends, but bad skills in film-making... why else would an atrocious viewing experience like this get such high ratings.

Do people actually like these poorly made fan-films? Do they not have access to the REAL productions that these are based on, and can only watch free videos online? I for one, think that I am pretty much done with these fan-films. They are becoming a pain to watch. Out of the dozens I've seen, only a few of them are tolerable to watch and actually entertaining. Seems like, for being "fans", they are completely missing the point of the source material and taking their stories in the wrong direction(in my opinion).

Why do I loathe this so? Well, above all else, the over-acting... especially from the lead Freddy wanna-be is so appalling and literally hurt my soul to watch. The only reason that this short got a 2 star rating from me and not the lowest one star, is because I thought the production value(for the most part) was relatively decent, as opposed to the billions of fan shorts out there that look like they were filmed with a cellphone camera from the '90s. Which, honestly, isn't hard to pull off with the extremely affordable digital cameras these days that all have great video capturing abilities.

I usually try not to be so negative in my reviews, but this was so bad in my eyes that I seriously can't think of any other way to put it. It's just plain BAD! All in all, nice try, Milliner. But... FAIL! Next time, try to tackle something original and DO NOT try and put your own spin on a horror icon that we all know and love all too well. Like they always say, "don't fix it if it ain't broke". 'Nuff said!