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Dr. Kate Lawrence, a celebrity relationship expert, plans to publicly announce her engagement to Bryan, a handsome and perfectly polished businessman. As Kate prepares to share the news, Bryan shocks her by breaking up with her and calling off the wedding. Wanting to save her from humiliation and protect her public image, Lucas Wright, Kate's childhood friend steps in and pretends to be Kate's fiancé.

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The Convenient Groom movie full length review - Another loss for Hallmark

I have watched a few of these Hallmark movies and this one was the one time that the female actress sucked the most instead of the "good looking male who acts the same in every film".

Vanessa Marcil looks like a plastic woman and she is incapable of looking sad. She has worked quite a bit in TV series over the years, but I cannot see in this film any indication as to why. Beside Marcil's acting the storyline is a bit goofy. And most of the time the actors looked bored or trying to figure out how to react. The real bright spot is David Sutcliffe who plays the love interest. He is the same in Gilmore Girls, but he does it well. I recommend that you skip it. The constant music in the background will irritate you if the story does not. Hallmark should read comments because the music is a constant complaint. I gave it 6/10 because of David Sutcliffe.