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A romantic drama focused on an astronomer and his lover, spending years apart. Amy, a young university student, uses her free time doing stunts for television and cinema. Her specialties are the action scenes, the acrobatics full of suspense, the danger that in fiction would typically end with the death of the double.

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The Correspondence movie full length review - Utter load of pretentious rubbish

If you like Olga, watch it for her. Shauna McDonald is wasted with a trivial part. Jeremy Irons, he's such an anachronism and he's fine for period dramas and parts that need pretentious Englishmen in them.

Outside of that his skills are limited and his attraction non existent. Typical male fantasy of young beautiful woman loving an old man, and Irons makes me want to vomit with his 'love voice' where he speaks eloquently about his love for the beauty that he sees only rarely. So, he's a cheat, to his wife and to his kids. He's also one of the most banal and boring orators I've ever known and his constant talking as he reads the texts and she views his videos is enough to drive me mad. He dead but from beyond the grave all he does it try to control her and not let her grieve. And the final monologue? Oh dear God in heaven, probably one of the very worst in cinematic history.

I absolutely wasted 2 hours of my life over this appalling film and although I was never a great fan of Irons, I'm put off him for life now. I'll never watch another film with him in again. Watch this if you love pretentious, boring movies that are as romantic as working overtime in an abattoir.