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Students Raz, Charlie and Jess embark on their end of year Media Studies project unaware of the horrific and unspeakable fate that awaits them. What starts as a seemingly simple mystery soon turns into a claustrophobic and hellish nightmare.

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The Cutting Room movie full length review - 73 Minutes but you'll be sleeping long before its over!

The Plot.

College students Raz, Charlie and Jess are about to start work on their end of year Media Studies project... unaware of a malevolent force lurking deep below their sleepy town.

A recent wave of apparent Cyberbullying and the disappearance of two local girls lead the group to an abandoned army barracks situated deep in the forests that surround the college. What they find there is a terrifying labyrinth of tunnels from which there seems no escape... and a dark figure hell bent on tormenting them.

Hunted, frightened and lost, Raz, Charlie and Jess must now escape the barracks or suffer the unspeakable fate that awaits them.


One of the cheesiest movies I've seen in a long time.

Incompetently directed with the shakiest cam you have ever ever ever seen.

Literally NOTHING happens for the first 47 minutes! And the movie is only 73 minutes long and that includes the credits! A good portion of the film is out of focus too and the front and back songs during the credits are horrendous.

You will be bored out of your mind. Trust me. It really sucks. I'm not even all that sure why it's called The Cutting Room.