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The Darkest Dawn movie full length review - This sort of tripe is why people skip past British Indie films

Crikey where do I start???

You get the occasional bit of Sci-fi creeping into this utter lemon in the form of some shaky CGI but that is as Sci-fi as it gets.

There is no acting, continuity or story in this but it would probably make for a good first comic book attempt by a 7 year old.

The dialogue is pretty much a bunch of one liners that the 'writer' has nicked from his favourite films and books. I think the sound effects where directly ripped from the Call Of Duty games. It is obviously trying to be like Cloverfield but fails miserably and for some unknown reason the people the lead girl meets seems happy to film what is going on when she wants to be in frame rather than holding the toy guns that they just nicked from Maplins. The odd time the camera is dropped it always seems to land upright with our heroes perfectly in shot and focus and sometimes even seems to hang in mid air ;)

Full on spoiler alert. Why is Adam okay giving the old bloke a gun so he can kill himself but then falls apart and wants to blow his own brains out when he kills a dying girl in an act of mercy????

If you have no paint to watch dry then by all means watch this turkey but don't tell me I didn't warn you.