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The Darkest Dawn movie full length review - We follow a teenage girl as the world gets attacked by aliens

I can honesty say this film was brilliant to watch and I highly recommend others to go and see it. It was visually beautiful and very intense to watch which is what I like to see.

It reminded me a lot like the films Clover field and RED with the gritty feel. I was instantly engaged by the main character as well as throughout the story on her journey to keep herself, her sister and her new company safe from the aliens. I love that there was death always round the corner which makes you feel like you can't trust certain characters or think differently about them. The aliens were terrifying, made me jump every time one appeared.

This is defiantly a sci-fi film that keeps you glued to your chair and so if you like a lot of sci fi with a lot of death then I urge you to go watch it.

All the best to the cast and crew.