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In the last days of a dying logging town, Christian returns to his family home for his father Henry’s wedding. While home, Christian reconnects with his childhood friend Oliver, who has stayed in town working at Henry’s timber mill and is now out of a job. As Christian gets to know Oliver’s wife Charlotte, daughter Hedvig, and father Walter, he discovers a secret that could tear Oliver’s family apart.

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The Daughter movie full length review - Revenge, Truth, Promiscuity, Patriarchy

I found three themes particularly interesting in The Daughter: revenge,truth, and promiscuity.

Revenge - Many years after having left home, Christian returns for his father's wedding. He accuses his father (Henry) of having cheated on his mother and of being responsible for her suicide. When the bride asks Henry what's going on, he does not want to bring his coming wedding in jeapoardy and refuses to tell her.

Later, Christian calls his girlfriend and hears that their relationship is over. Devastated, he decides to reveal to his best friend Oliver that Henry has fathered Oliver and Charlotte's 16-years old daughter Hedvig.

Having failed with his father, Christian's quest for vengeance finds its fulfillment when he destroys his friend's family.

Truth - Revealing the truth destroys a family (that of Oliver, Charlotte and Hedvig). On the other hand, concealing the truth to his bride allows Henry to start a new family.

Promiscuity - The dramas around which the movie is built are caused by several personages cheating on each other. Very remarkably, the cheating is principally the work of the female characters: - Walter (Oliver's father) tells the story of his wife who ran away with an artist - Paul's girlfriend (Grace) announces to Paul that she has been cheating on him when seeing her old boyfriend again - Oliver learns that his wife Charlotte had an affair with Christian's father and was in love with him at the time they were already together. To make things worse, she tells him that he is not the father of their daughter Hedvig, but that Henry is.

Strengthening the promiscuous character of the female personages, the 16-year old Hedvig entices her boyfriend, Adam, to have sex with her. Whereas it is obvious that it is his first sexual experience, she has had sex before, but refuses to say so when he asks her. Later, she feels attracted to Christian and asks him to kiss her.

On the male side, only Henry has cheated on all the females of his life.

Finally, the patriarchal figure of Henry seems to be unaffected by all the misery he causes around him. At the beginning, he announces to his employees that his factory has to close, obliging all these families that have lived in this small town all their life to go somewhere else to find work. Nevertheless, his lifestyle does not seem to be in the least affected by that. When the financial fraud that he and Walter had organized together went wrong, Walter was indicted and went to jail, while Henry was left unscathed. As to his role in the death of his first wife and to his rejection of Charlotte when she was pregnant, it has not affected him either: he is going to remarry a woman half his age. What's more, the two deaths that mark the movie - that of his first wife and Hedvig's suicide - are indirectly attributed to him, but this does not disturb him: the hunt scene at the very beginning of the movie symbolizes his unrepentant stance.