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The Day the '60s Died chronicles May 1970, the month in which four students were shot dead at Kent State. The mayhem that followed has been called the most divisive moment in American history since the Civil War. From college campuses, to the jungles of Cambodia, to the Nixon White House, the film takes us back into that turbulent spring 45 years ago.

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The Day the '60s Died movie full length review - Our Country would never be the same again after "The Day the '60s Died".

It really doesn't matter if you consider yourself Liberal, Conservative, Moderate or don't give a crap. If you decide to see the PBS documentary "The Day the '60s Died" I submit that you maintain a balanced perspective throughout.

The horrific shooting deaths of four and wounding of nine (including one paralyzed for life) Kent State University students by Ohio National Guard Troops during a campus demonstration against the Vietnam War in the viciously volatile month of May, 1970, in our country is eternally unconscionable and unforgivable. But as this film so poignantly makes clear, this is a tragedy that certainly did not come to pass within a vacuum.

Highly recommended viewing as both a vivid American history lesson and a stark discourse on disquieting political machinations.