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The life of a bank manager is turned upside down when a friend from his past manipulates him into faking his own death and taking off on an adventure.

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The Do-Over movie full length review - There is a word to describe this comedy, and funny probably isn't it

There was a time, maybe recounting back to the early and mid 2000s, when Adam Sandler comedies were some of the best Hollywood had to offer.

Every since then, his filmography seems to have gone down hard, bumpy road of lackluster comedies, most notably 'Jack and Jill' which is considered by many his all time biggest atrocity. Though ever once a while, he manages to spit out a moderately watchable movie, most of his attempts on bringing laughter fall short of success. In this second Netflix original following last year's spiritless western comedy 'Ridiculous 6', Sandler pairs up with David Spade for first time since their outing with 'Grown Ups' and its sequel. Directed by Steven Brill, David Spade plays Charlie, an unlucky fellow living and unfair with his unfaithful wife Nikki (played by Natasha Leggero) who is secretly cheating on him with her ex and his two stepsons who constantly treat him like garbage. The only friend he has in life is his childhood best friend Max (played by Adam Sandler) who isn't living a much fun life either. While bonding together on a boating trip, Max blows up the boat leaving their family and friends to assume to their deaths. Except there is one thing, their deaths are fake. They escape to Puerto Rico to start a new luxurious with new identities. The two only find themselves in deep trouble however, when they learn they've stolen the identities from two assassins lead by man known as the Gymnast (played by Torsten Vorges) who is now set to kill them.

Adam Sandler and David Spade have the potential on making a smart comedic duo, but they never seem to have their A-game here. Instead, they stroll for 108 minutes in a comedic ghost town where laughs are scarce and most of humor is just flat out dumb whether it revolves around sex or jokes on female body parts. As this in an action comedy, we are supposed to experience a balance of smart humor and good action. Unfortunately, not only is there a severe shortage of laughs, but the action scenes aren't even fun. There a few car chasing scenes along with some gunfights and fistfights, none of them are particularly exciting or funny. This film goes on close to two hours and very rarely spits out a good joke or anything close to funny, and it gets to the point where it drowns the viewers into total boredom. If you take all the funny bits and composite them into a little video, you are probably looking at no more than two minutes; everything else is just a long stretch of tedious comedy and lazy writing. Adam Sandler maintains his same not-so-smart character vibe similar to all the characters he portrays in his movies. David Spade on the other hand, seems hopelessly confused and suffers in series of botched humor and dialogue that never seems it land. It is just genuinely sad that this film boasts a somewhat plot (though flawed) storyline and fails to come up with good laughter and soul to support it.

The Do-Over serves as just another comedic misfire by Adam Sandler and his fellow co- star David Spade. The movie is ultimately forgettable and does very little, if any to satisfy. If you happen to be someone who is very amused easily, then this one just might be worth a shot. Otherwise, it sends a strong signal for Adam Sandler to change gears. It is generally hard to say whether Adam Sandler enjoys playing dumb characters or is just constantly falling victim to poorly written comedies.