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THE DOG LOVER is a suspenseful and provocative drama based on true events. Sara Gold is a rising star at the United Animal Protection Agency (UAPA), a major animal rights organization that conducts animal rescues and lobbies for better animal welfare laws. Handpicked for a major assignment, Sara goes undercover as a college intern to infiltrate a suspected “puppy mill” run by the enigmatic Daniel Holloway. Sara soon ingratiates herself with Daniel and his family, and learns all about the world of dog breeding but is hard pressed to find any sign of animal abuse. The UAPA teams up with local law enforcement and raids the farm, accusing Daniel of the inhumane treatment of animals. Sara finds herself torn between doing her job and doing what’s right, and she awakens to the moral contradictions of her work with the UAPA.

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The Dog Lover movie full length review - Corny, hilariously manipulative propaganda for the dog breeding industry

Corny, hilariously manipulative propaganda for the dog breeding industry, peppered with soap opera stars including the lead character who is from Days of Our Lives, and whose

costume guidelines were apparently modeled after Daisy Duke, with lots of ridiculous T&A shots and a corny romantic subplot to boot. By the time you get to the country music video ol' red pickup truck cliché scene, you can be pretty certain of where this film is centered. lol. If the Lifetime Channel, The Country Music Television Channel, and the American Kennel Club made a movie, this would be it. Oh wait...

It's probably easiest to just quote a post from another IMDb thread relating to it that is pretty much spot-on:

"This film is a propaganda piece funded by billionaire Forrest Lucas to gain wider exposure for his failed front group, Protect the Harvest.

Protect the Harvest is dedicated to attacking animal welfare groups, particularly those that confront cruelty in animal agriculture: factory farms, intensive confinement, and especially puppy mills.

I'm disgusted beyond belief that James Remar and Lea Thompson would help to defend animal cruelty and sell out to one of the most despicable, dishonest, destructive individuals on this planet.

And that's not even touching the issue of Lucas' racism... but I guess to some actors, money will always be more important than human decency."