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Pierre Hunter (Anton Yelchin), a bartender with unyielding optimism, returns to his tiny hometown after his parents' death. When he falls for the enigmatic Stella (Zooey Deschanel), Pierre is unknowingly pulled into a cat-and-mouse game that involves a duffel bag full of cash, a haphazard yet determined criminal (John Hawkes), and a mystery that will determine all of their fates. With Alia Shawkat, Frank Langella, Aubrey Plaza, and Ciarán Hinds. Zachary Sluser's film, based on the novel by Tom Drury, is a contemporary fable about the ways we struggle to control time and fate in a possibly predetermined universe.

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The Driftless Area movie full length review - Worth to see, but forgettable

I assume you haven't seen this movie yet and you're deciding if it's worth to spend time watching it. At the time I write this, there are only two reviews here, so...

First, current rating of about 6 stars is just right, I think. That is, if you like mystery stories with a touch of love. Of course, this movie can't compete with movies like City of angels, Sixth sense, What dreams may come, Ghost -to name some of the best in similar genre.

The Driftless Area has a good story, and I think cast was picked very well. Pierre (A.Yelchin) appears so "next door guy" which suits this role very good. And if it ever happens to me I see a "ghost", I hope it will look like Stella (Z. Deschanel).

OK, story interesting, good cast, nice photography... What I missed in this (kind of) movie, was: emotions. It's not about acting, it's just good story is presented badly. I can't judge who's fault that is. Relationship between Pierre and Stella is quite sterile, considering their destiny is to stay together (forever). In general, it's an easy to watch movie with almost expected ending. However, if you like complex and mind challenging content, see The Fountain (2006).

I give 6 stars.