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When their car crashes, 4 college kids seek help in Emeryville - a dilapidated village. New comers discover that place was once a ground for clinical experiments gone awry and plot an escape. They find themselves hunted by crazies.

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The Emeryville Experiments movie full length review - Possibly one of the worst movies I have seen in years

** Possible Spoilers**

I watched this with expectations that it wouldn't be too good, but I didn't expect to it to be awful. First of all, the 4 main characters are supposed to be in college, but they look like they could be in their 30's. The acting was laughably awful. Some of the scenes looked like they were just practicing and it accidentally made it into the final cut. This movie seemed like it was something some friends did with their phone on an afternoon, I cannot imagine how it could've had a $1 million budget (according to IMDb). I'm fine with low-budget movies, in fact some are great. But when you have $1 million to work with, it shouldn't look like it was made for $1000. One scene that stands out is when they crash into the tree. The hood is open and they are looking at the engine and they say it is ruined. However, you can clearly see there is not a scratch on the engine, or anything under to hood, and the front of the car is in perfect condition. It was clear they slowly drove the car up to the tree and just parked it there, not making any attempt to make it seem like it had crashed. Another funny thing is when they are walking through the woods toward the town and that random smoke blows by. What is that? Did someone just throw a smoke bomb? I'm guessing it was supposed to be a creepy mist or something but it looks hilarious. Those are just two examples of pure laziness in this movie. The movie itself was extremely boring. I couldn't wait for it to be over, thankfully it wasn't too long.