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Desperate for a good story, a sex-addicted journalist throws himself into the world of high-class escorts when he starts following a Stanford-educated prostitute.

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The Escort movie full length review - Your average odd couple who falls in love, story

The only real difference from every other: We-annoy-each-other-so-much- we,-just-have-to-fall-in-love movie.Is that the female is an escort,and not a very good one.

There is absolutely no chemistry between the actors,they couldn't even pass for rivaling siblings.

The dialogue is forced and lifeless. The comedy none existent.And you really don't care about the characters.(the line about the drink and the blowjob, is the best and only funny part about the entire movie)

I always thought he point of becoming an escort, was to get well payed and don't have to work streets and bars like a common hooker. Turns out I was wrong,they do work bars.

The female lead is mildly attractive but very average looking, certainly not stunning.She look like a girl you could meet at a party, as someone's friend.(Not sure if that was what they were going for) The male lead is a pudgy,not very attractive sex-addict.Who through and app gets laid all the time, with stunning women's no less.

Sadly this just help sink the movie. The dude is 4 maybe a 5 at he best, from a woman's perspective ..Yet women who are a 9-10+ Are willing to meet up with him for unconditional FREE sex. If that was realistic every nerd would get laid 5 times a day. Yet he has no real trait,in how to relate or interact with others. Get the impression,he mostly think of them as annoying inconvenience in his sex life. Even more stupid is when the escort stalks him, through a deserted streets at night,wearing bright red dress,and high heals.To find out where he is going ***********warning spoiler**************warning spoiler*************** Seriously who ever written this script, need to get out more. High heels are quite noisy,you don't really stalk someone wearing those.

You know from the get go, how this will go down. They fall in love,than he suddenly gonna have a problem with people pawing all over his property, for money.He gonna do something stupid and interfere with her and a client,they gonna break up or start argue.They'll break up,than at the end they will get back together again and so on.

This movie is just as bad as Sasha Grey's The Girlfriend Experience ,and just as boring. The acting is sub par,the chemistry none existent.And the actors look like they hate what they signed up for,and are not really trying to hide it