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A brother and sister return to their family home in search of their world famous parents who have disappeared.

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The Family Fang movie full length review - A delightful, mysterious, peculiar little gem

The Family Fang consists of two siblings who believe their dysfunctional upbringing has created most of the problems that they are currently experiencing and two parents who believe the extreme but functional artistic upbringing of their children has created two wonderful adults.

Before Prank Patrol, Kickass, Facetwitter and (modern) Candid Camera, this couple were "creating living art" by pulling the most outrageous of mischiefs on the unsuspecting public and, once the children arrived, included them in the shenanigans. An accident brings the family together at the time of great upheaval, artistic block and unhappiness in the (now adult) sibling's lives. The parents are basically the same as they always were and jump at the chance to involve the children again, much to their mortification. Filled with fun, drama, mystery, bizarreness and psycho analytical social commentary this peculiar little gem seems to have slipped under the radar of most viewers which is very unfortunate. With a twist that J.J. Abrams would be proud of, The "Kill Parents" lampoon is worth the price of admission alone. It begs the question "what is art" but, more importantly, why are people so stupid that they don't get it?

Nicole Kidman could be playing an exact parody of her own life. The aging movie star making a statement that her art is still valid but frustrated at the expectations and restrictions imparted on her. Jason Bateman's stars and his second toe in the director's pond is a surprising and cruelly compassionate comment on art vs family. His character is almost a sideline but never the less, an important aspect in rounding out the story. Kathryn Hahn as the long suffering but also co-conspiring mum plays her part effortlessly. Intriguing and unexplained are her motives. Christopher Walken??.Ahhhhh Chris???. This is the most perfect casting of all. A part that he was born to play. Or maybe a part that was written for only him. I can think of no other current or past actor that could be chosen for this. Absolutely perfect casting and the glimmering luminosity of this wee jewel. I am assuming that he would have jumped at this opportunity as soon as the script crossed his desk.

Alternatively funny, mysterious, dramatic and always thought provoking, perhaps the reviewers that are bemoaning the "child cruelty" displayed in this movie should not take the film (or themselves) so seriously. It is a light hearted work of fiction that should be enjoyed by everyone over the age of 15. The only negative of seeing the movie is that I am unable now to read the book (I know the kink!)

Loved it!

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