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After 23 years on Death Row a convicted murderer petitions the court asking to be executed, but as his story unfolds, it becomes clear that nothing is what it seems.

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The Fear of 13 movie full length review - Resurrection: from death to life

I just finished watching "Fear of 13" on Netflix and was blown away by this true life story.

After being mistreated as a boy, Nick Yarris' young naive life took a turn. He chose to act out by doing illegal acts which eventually led him to become more than a mere suspect, but a victim of backward and judgmental law enforcement during the days prior to DNA testing.

Ending up on death row, Nick, through dedication, becomes well educated, borne out of the kindness of one guard who tells him to do one thing. That one act led to intellectual growth, after which Nick begins to seek aid from numerous officials and one particular person/organization.

This is not the sort of story one wants to pause to fix a sandwich or rush to the bathroom, as it is all too engrossing. Throughout the film, Nick is well spoken, tells his life story with words and manners that reflect the person he alone grew to become, despite having been locked in a cell, in solitary confinement, for decades. Not letting all the terrible incidents that took place in confinement to turn him into an evil person, he, instead, became filled with purpose and vision.

This film is a must watch for all fans of liberation. Please, don't miss this one.