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Six eager students strike out to explore and record live footage of supernatural activity at an abandoned plantation, but one unsettled spirit gives them more than they asked for.

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The Final Project movie full length review - One of the best found footage horror movies I've seen in a while.

I felt a deep connection with the characters while watching this film. The actors seemed very genuine.The director did a great job of guiding the actors at the beginning of the film.

I felt I was transported back to high school and I was assigned a project. The genuine dialogue created a sense of reality and it seem like it was really found footage!

The first kill was unexpected. I didn't realize it was happening until 5 seconds after the person was being attacked. This was because the director was able to successfully execute a sense of relief and safety at this point. This made the kill seem so much more dramatic. This was the point of the movie where I couldn't look away until the very end. Every second after this had me on edge, especially the climax!

This is one of the best found footage horror movies I've seen in a while.