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Toni, a tomboyish boxer, lands a spot on an after-school drill team in the West End community of Cincinnati. She eagerly absorbs routines, masters drills, and even pierces her own ears to fit in. It’s the joy of her first friendships and her discovery of dance. Shortly after Toni joins the team, most of the girls on the team suffer from episodes of fainting, swooning, and shaking in a seemingly uncontrollable catharsis. Nobody can explain the mysterious outbreak. These fits soon transform into a rite of passage as the trauma draws the other girls closer together. Caught between her need for control and her desire for acceptance, Toni must decide how far she will go to embody her new ideals.

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The Fits movie full length review - Mysterious & Intriguing Indie

This mysterious and intriguing indie will probably only appeal to a certain slice of viewer, especially those that don't need the plot elements of a film to all fit neatly together.

I usually like my movies to have decent resolutions to any questions raised, but this movie kept me interested throughout its sparse 1 hr. and 12 min. time frame.

Royalty Hightower is exceptional in her starring role here as 11-year- old Toni, who's training for boxing at a Cincinnati community center with her older brother Jermaine (De'Sean Minor), who is employed there. When Toni sees an acclaimed dance team training at the center she joins them, but has trouble fitting in due her her shyness. She will eventually bond with another new young dancer Beezy, very ably played by Alexis Nesblett.

Soon however, things become very strange, as several of the older girls begin to get seizure-like symptoms, labeled "the fits". No one can seem to find the cause of these fits, and this causes chaos amongst the dance team.

Overall, this film's strengths are the natural acting of the cast and its very creepy atmospherics. However, don't expect any character development or entire resolutions to the plot machinations. Also, I would say Anna Rose Holmer, who is making her major motion picture debut as writer and director, shows good promise here, and I'd certainly be interested in seeing what else she brings to the screen.