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The WWE comes to town in the new animated film teaming the Flintstones with Bedrock-ready versions of John Cena, Daniel Bryan and more.

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The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age Smackdown movie full length review - Reminded me of the first season of the original series in 1961

Whatever we think of this movie, based in Bedrock and guest stars WWE Wrestlers and their boss (if we count out CM Punk, which left before this cartoon was released but was le

ft there as part of the story line), I kinda enjoyed it for the nostalgia and the fact that part of the WWE world is a cartoon by itself...

Most of the movie was drawn like season one of the original series. Even Barney gets close to the original voice (but I miss Mel Blanc or even Daws Butler in some of season's two episodes). However, it gets back to Fred's original "get rich quick" schemes, when he was denied of a vacation cheque due to an accident. An event staged by the Water Buffaloes gives him an idea with a few wrestlers he meets on the way (like John Cena, El Mysterio and The Undertaker) or some brutes (CM Punk and Mark Henry) and sassy Divas (the Bella Twins). And not forget Mr.McMahon ! And Barney might be the solution to get the clams in the pocket for a Rockapulco vacation for the families...

Watch for the fun of it, take it light. It's been a long time in my book the Flinstones lost it in animation (the original series were the best from 1961-66) but it brings back some nostalgia about how the Flinstones and the Rubbles were part of prime time a long way back.

Watch it in English mostly, not in French. Very bad Parisian dubbing and WB should have known Quebec had one of the best French versions in the 70s with the original series...

And by the way, watch again the one in season 3, when Barney does a ventriloquist trick to Pebbles to fool Fred, but ends up being spectators in a wrestling show to make it up...