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Set in the Aokigahara Forest, a real-life place in Japan where people go to end their lives. Against this backdrop, a young American woman comes in search of her twin sister, who has mysteriously disappeared.

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The Forest movie full length review - An entertaining watchable horror item. It's not great, but l liked it.

When Sarah Price learns that her twin sister Jess who has been teaching English to school children in Japan, has gone missing in the Aokigahara forest (aka "Suicide Forest" in Mount Fuji, a real life place where people actually go when they want to commit suicide!

) Insisting upon entering the forest in the search for her sister she believes to still be alive, she is joined by Aiden a man she meets at a bar, who happens to also be a travel writer for a magazine, they manage to get themselves a tour guide named Michi, who agrees to take them off the path & into the other parts of the forest, where they quickly discover Jess's abandon tent. Despite Michi's warning that they should leave the forest before nightfall, because Sarah's heart is full of sadness & confusion, feelings that he warns her will make the spirits that roam the forest to use against her. Sarah refuses to believe in such stories & insists that they spend the night in case her sister comes back. Aiden agrees to stay with her, but both parties soon regret doing so, when they wind up getting lost in the woods & the evil apparitions that roam the forest soon starts to taunt them & old flashbacks from her childhood that surrounds her parents murder, soon start to bubble to the surface, where she quickly learns that there was more to her parents murders than what she thought & that Aiden may know more about her sisters disappearance than what he is letting on & maybe not all he claims to be.

THE FOREST is a film I've mainly heard mixed things about, while others have stated they rather enjoyed the movie, there has been those who told me the film was a boring & complete waste of time, I was thinking about skipping the film myself, but I caved in & saw it anyways, mainly because I had nothing better to do & the weather outside was miserable so I thought why not? And you know something, while this is far from being a great horror movie, I didn't think the film was all that bad, in fact I rather enjoyed it for what it was, I will admit I never set my expectations to high, which is probably why I wound up enjoying the movie, where others no doubt wound up disappointed. I also learnt that the forest depicted in the movie is a real life forest with a history on the land that I found to be very fascinating & has a great mythology behind it, it's certainly is well suited for a good horror story, in fact I'm surprised that one hasn't been made on the forest long ago! especially overseas, since every type of legend & ghost story has been tackled by Japanise film-makers. I found the film to be very well directed film with director Jason Zada capturing the atmospheric & somewhat creepy looking forest well on camera, it's very scenic, very beautiful to look at (despite it's grim history) with shots of the forest, the backdrop, being well captured on camera. The film is never boring & manages to pull out a few interesting twists & has just enough weirdness going on in it's story to suck the viewer in.

On the downside, I will say THE FOREST could have been a lot better, while the story is well paced, I felt there were a few things that cheapened the movie a bit, for starters the films not very involving in the first ten minutes, simply because the film keeps inter-cutting different scenes together, with the heroine on her trip to find her sister, the conversations between her & her husband, flashbacks to her & her sister hanging out together & when she first received news of her sisters disappearance & numerous dream sequences, all of which is intermixed with each other, making it hard for the viewer to get into it's story & I felt these scenes could have been organized & told better than what they were, the way it is done will only add confusion to the viewer, as to what they are viewing, when it happened, in what time period, the past? the present? or if it really happened at all & like so many Hollywood produced horror stories, revels in cheap scare tactics, such as loud boisterous noises, things popping into frame, the usual hideous ghost girl spirits that all the sudden pop into frame, weird voices & noises to try & get it's scares & the films surprise "twists" can be spotted a mile away by fans who have seen their fair share of these movies. The routine & predictable nature of the films scares & plot twists really shines through, plus Sarah goes on at times about how she shares an almost psychic link with her sister & keeps insisting that her sister is alive & that she always knew when her sister was in trouble & when something was bothering her & yet oddly needs to receive a phone call to find out her sister has disappeared? & you would have to be daft not to sense there is more to the character of Aiden when he is first introduced on screen, the film just screams it out, in fact it's so obvious this guy is up to something that one would assume that with a character plot twist this obvious, there must be a twist of some kind, but there isn't!

All in all, THE FOREST is a watchable movie, it's no masterpiece by any means, but is nowhere near as dull or as boring as others are making it out to be. If you find yourself bored with nothing to do, or just looking to kill some time, I say give it a shot.

*** stars