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20 years after a horrific accident during a small town school play, students at the school resurrect the failed show in a misguided attempt to honor the anniversary of the tragedy - but soon discover that some things are better left alone.

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The Gallows movie full length review - Movie should Have Hanged To DVD AND BLU RAY

*** review contains spoilers***

worst movies of (2015) well the first time when i saw the trailer it looked so scary dark and red intense Most of the time we're treated to feet treading floors, epileptic hand-held cameras prowling creepy passages, and dramatic lapses when the characters avert the cameras from the action. Unfortunately, sound of horror movie and also i like the ideas of movie but then when it turned out to be one of worst movies i have ever seen no likable characters let me tell everyone i am done with found footage movies they even don't go for long as 81 minutes long it was little longer then Unfriended but unless it was better movie then this. and no likable characters in movie, completely one of idiots in movie acting is very terrible very terrible they

needed to go drama school more they were worst actors and characters in movie they could got someone else in but even the movie is boring half way i was bored completely i wasn't scared expect for when it was dark and felt same way it was scary Plot: 20 years after a horrific accident during a small town school play, students at the school resurrect the failed show in a misguided attempt to honor the anniversary where Charlie Grim is student who did the play then got hanged in stage then later on it still goes on 2013 then these stupid characters(Ryan shoos)Ryan was such pointless, idiot pointless character making himself number 1 idiot front of people at school and specially stage in movie even such a worse movie i have ever saw and he was with friends with Reese and Cassidy specially they find Pfeifer Ryan wanted trash the play down not respecting the place when someone died ? hello does this person has to be respected no wonder why these characters had no personalty bullying Reese to this especially his girlfriend got angry when he destroyed theater for noting she got very disappointed to Reese but Ryan made him to say yes to go with him at school and destroy the play ? thought he can get away i thought the doors were locked that was never locked, they could smashed windows or smash the doors down but somehow why don't they don't try to call cops with there IPHONE could of called cops try but they don't. Cassidy boyfriend to Ryan what that she was just doesn't have brain Reese said don't leave the door when Ryan was screaming like little girl. she keeps running out to yell help and door keeps locking like they can't get out smash it down find something before that scene when they said trash the school Cassi wanted to change her mind clean the stage and fixing stage said i am fixing the stage ? you go there for noting just go home her boyfriend got everyone killed especially Reese wasn't that bad but he still did wrong thing agrees Ryan for noting. and even the girl he liked girl and ruined the stage

killing i thought it was lame death scenes all the characters got hanged because it's called gallows they don't die different way lame every different horror kills them the different way but this just hanging, the title of gallows is lame name i liked the trailer all staff but movie was going to be titled stage fright witch has better name apart from using boring name the gallows witch sounds like boring name it's only 1 Gallow there's not many gallows title should of named the Gallow that's it. movie was going on since 2012 even Ryan making things a lot worse for all his friends got them in danger but i wish he's friends said no that's it got all his friends killed in movie the thing is all actors are so bad like i can't stand it i always think about leaving the theater this movie wasn't scary at all it was just worst story, i love idea of movie with darkness how scary it was i like found footage films but this killed it the all thing no point of making it :/ some of scenes are very scary and dark i like idea of movie with scary is haunted and all that but this with gallows and another crap was like what ? but the trailer didn't had same scenes in movie i can't remember witch ones but then some how movie didn't do much there's not much too say i am glad this movie got 4.5 very short story line like grade 3 kid had written this movie, movie needs to be more to be scary, more of running around the all school surviving but ending killed it there's not much to write about all plot it mean to watch movie goes for 91 minutes no need for to write plot for this review. gallows needed to be 2.1 least and even this movie should have went to DVD the movie budget think's it is made more then Paranormal Activity ? least Paranormal Activity is $28.015 million and Unfriended 1 million still didn't noting like gallows got $100,000 from what did they got budget from toilet ? boy i would have done better movie then this better characters , better plot, much scary then this ? 1.10 one of worst movies in 2015 worst acting ever and ending killed it with cops i rather watch cops or end of watch. BEST HORROR MOVIE IT FOLLOWS