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Images coming from the crimes committed by a deranged pair of murderers bring a small town woman to the attention of a celebrity lensman. But how much danger will enter her life as a result of all this attention?

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The Girl in the Photographs movie full length review - Riddled With Retarded Clichés

*SPOILERS AHEAD... From the very beginning, this movie is riddles with clichés.

First (CLICHE #1) we have a girl who walks alone through a dark parking lot late at night even after her friend offers to give her a ride to her car. (CLICHE #2) This girl gets followed home by the killers and is killed. Then has her death pic taken by them.

Next (CLICHE #3), we have the cops who don't believe the lead girl, Colleen, who comes to them with the dead parking lot girl photo that was left posted on a bulletin board in the grocery store she works by someone who obviously got in after hours. Instead (CLICHE #4), the cops dismiss it as a hoax by a photographer.

So, (CLICHE # 5) Colleen tells her boyfriend "I can take of myself" and decides to go back to work in the dark grocery store - in the middle of the night ALONE because she works the "AM shift" - even though she knows that a possible murderer got in after hours and posted a photo of a mutilated girl on the bulletin board. She thought it was really enough to go to the cops. And why is she working the AM shift alone? DOESN'T ANYONE ELSE WORK AT THIS GROCERY STORE? Oh yeah, because the writer has to try to build suspense and tension by getting the girl alone in the dark somehow (CLICHE #6).

When a celebrity photographer and his group show up in town to capitalize on the real killer's photos, the first thing they do is actually take of picture of the killer's vehicle (which, of course, they don't it belongs to the killer) and leave a business card on the window to invite them to a party. Gee, what better way to get the killers to know where your party is. I don't think this is really a cliché, just a stupid coincidence... and coincidentally it is really stupid writing. Really. Stupid. Writing.

(CLICHE #7) When the killers leave another pic of a dead girl, this time on Colleen's car, once again, the cops don't really take it that seriously. And then, (CLICHE #8) she decides it's best to go home ALONE rather than accept a police escort!

Here's something else that's just totally stupid... During business hours, Colleen's a checkout girl at the grocery store and she actually types in the UPC number of every single grocery item because the scanner is busted. Which could take ALL DAY!!!! AREN'T THERE OTHER CHECK OUT LANES IN THIS GROCERY STORE THAT SHE COULD USE THAT DON'T HAVE BUSTED SCANNERS? For effeciency's sake, a grocery store manager would have never allowed her to use this lane unless it was the only one available, which it isn't.

We never really understand why the killers are obsessed with torturing Colleen with these photos or killing her friends.

The only reason I gave this thing a 5 is because I really enjoyed the scenes of the killings. Very brutal stuff.