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A portrait of the brilliant, extravagant Kristina of Sweden, queen from age six, who fights the conservative forces that are against her ideas to modernize Sweden and who have no tolerance for her awakening sexuality.

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The Girl King movie full length review - magnificent

To me, this film is brilliant. From the start to the end; it shows perfectly and transmits who was Queen Kristina from Sweden and what she wanted for her and her country.

The film respects the century rules in which the film is set; the plot is just wonderful because it doesn't just portrays who was this awesome woman but also stays in what she went through, with everything: her sexuality, her ideas being different from what she has been taught, her desire for being more than just a queen ruling her kingdom marrying a man and having kids; her not accepting what everyone else thought was the best for her, because only she knew what was the best for her and her life. it not only portrays her life but portrays a brilliant, strong, wise, well written fictional character, who was not afraid of being different: who was not afraid of what other people thought about her, who did what she could in a kingdom full of people who didn't had other beliefs that what they believed about, who had a lot of knowledge and still was desiring for more; in a century where the full concept of lgbt people didn't even existed she fought till the end for what her heart felt, and in my opinion that was everything to me. This film is good in many ways: if you would like to know a little bit more of history; if you would like to know an incredible woman that maybe you didn't knew before because they never spoke to you about this in history class; if you would like to watch a good story with a great plot and storyline; if you would like to watch girl on girl representation on just the xvii century (yeah, lesbians and bisexuals existed in the xvii century. it is not something of now, just in case someone forgets). I watched it with hoping of some good cinematography and I ended really happy because it exceeded my expectations in everything. Kristina was awesome in every aspect and I really appreciate that there's a movie about her and her life with so many good details, with people that existed in the real life almost 400 years ago, with no twisted stuff that maybe she didn't do. It portrays exactly what she was and what she did (further the idea that it still is a movie and not a documentary so there's things that are only of the film, but still it keeps her essence and her attitude; her likes and dislikes; her curiosity and her greatness.) Definitely a movie to not miss. Excellent.-