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We’re in the middle of a heat-wave in Fenland England. Goob Taylor has spent each of his sixteen summers helping Mum run the transport cafe and harvest the surrounding beet fields. When Mum shacks up with swarthy stock-car supremo and ladies’ man gene Womack, Goob becomes an unwelcome side thought. However Goob’s world turns when exotic beet picker Eva arrives. Fuelled by her flirtatious comments, Goob dreams of better things.

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The Goob movie full length review - Doesn't make total use of it's potential

The Goob is one of those films that could have been great and probably should have been great but is eventually let down by not exploring it's full potential.

Liam Walpole (Goob) puts in a very commendable performance (his first) and lends an 'un-naturalness' to his character. He is without a doubt a natural at his art and sometimes makes it impossible to take the audience's eyes off his character.

Sean Harris (Goob's abusive stepfather) also puts in a very good shift and there are moments when you actually feel intimidated by his presence during the film.

Goob's only let down is that it doesn't grab the audience and immerse it into it's world. Apart from certain moments, I mostly felt like i was watching Goob with a thin sheet between me and the world inside the film. I wish director Myhill had torn down this sheet and drowned me in the entire world of Goob.

Recommended for Walpole and Harris' performances. Not recommended for lacking substance.