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An epic journey into the world of dinosaurs where an Apatosaurus named Arlo makes an unlikely human friend.

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The Good Dinosaur movie full length review - Deserves a better review than many give it, however movie does have quite a bit wrong with it.

This movie has received quite a bit of flack from movie viewers of all ages and creeds for quite a few reasons; While many of the reasons do, in fact, detract from the film in its entirety, this was not a "bad" movie by any means, it simply could have used a little better direction .

So, I am going to break this down into 4 categories and give my two-bits on what I thought was done well and what could've worked better for the movie. FIRST, there is the animation itself. The animation was flat-out the best animation I have ever seen in a movie. The water, countryside, rocks, pebbles... it was all so realistic I could've sworn I was watching this on a live-action background; The beautiful tapestry of that background did so much for this film and actually made me want to pay attention to that rather than what was happening plot-wise. With that being said, it bridges over to the negative aspect of the animation which was the characters. Perhaps Disney/Pixar wanted to go with a more "kid friendly" aesthetic, almost like play-doh, that would make it easier to market/ship for children. While I can respect that decision, the fact that the beautiful scenery when compared to the characters made them all the more bland. It would be akin to having a steak dinner where the steak looked overcooked and tasteless while the side dishes were exquisite. SECOND, the story itself. While the story itself was campy and a bit misguided, it had everything a plot needs and was executed decently. Kid lives on a farm with his family (Beggining), Kid gets lost (Conflict), kid must traverse a large terrain whilst conquering his fears/the elements(Middle), kid finds a home for spot and also gets to go home to his family(Resolution). So while it has the basic elements to a story, I feel the translation of the story gets lost in it's execution with how it played out. The bits where he meets other dinosaurs that all have distinct societal groups (herders, farmers, hippies, scavengers) felt like they all were rushed through and never quite came to fruition. Rather, if he had made the journey alone or with only spot at his side it could've cut down on the cliché side-characters and added more to the inner feelings, movement of Arlo's character. THIRD, the characters. The only character that ever really felt "real" seemed to be a Arlo. Sure, the other characters had personalities, but from what little we did get to see of characters' personalities was a very small and cliché renditioning of the type of character they were. For example, the father T-Rex was a grizzled, scarred herdsman with a mouth that, from which, only wisdom and a deep, somber voice could be heard. The only other character that I felt had anything else about them was Thunderclap (the pterodactyl leader), if only for the blatant religious extremism that he portrayed, which was at least interesting to witness; Overall, however, his fanaticism did little to save the integrity or give the other characters any form of real importance or meaning to the movie as a whole, if this film had another dynamic character (not counting spot because what does he learn? Essentially nothing, he is the same character at the end of the film as he was at the begging the only difference is he has a new friend and a family) it may have had a better character resolution than what the ending provided. Speaking of which, that transitions into the FINAL bit, the ending. I think the ending is where I draw the line between a 6/7 for this film. The fact that Arlo jumps into the water AND goes down the giant waterfall without at least himself or spot being severely injured is just the big, painful stroke that puts the final bad taste of bland steak into your mouth. The whole scene just throws everything out the window and makes most viewers ask the question, "If Arlo, small, tired, and weak as he is, could survive that experience, then why couldn't his father who was stronger, healthier, and not to mention 3ish times Arlo's height and at least 10 X his weight survive it as well?" It just stumps me how they let that bit play out given what happened at the begging of the film, but I digress. THE POINT: This movie is flawed, filled with useless characters whose animation paled in comparison to the scenery, a run-around plot, unneeded and out-of-place moments, and has a horrible ending. However, I still came out of it with a positive enough reflection due to: the more depressing scenes tending to hit their marks, the astonishingly amazing scenery, and a wholehearted feel that still kept me entertained throughout the entirety film despite its flaws; Solid 6/10 and I would say is worth your time if you have a free hour and a half.