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The story of an elite force making a last stand for humanity on the world’s most iconic structure.

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The Great Wall movie full length review - Chinese Film and YImou Zhang are both dead

Today I am filled with despaired and pain to write this review: Chinese Film and YImou Zhang are both dead. After showed on Chinese Screen, The Great Wall has got unprecedented low Scores at Douban and Maoyan, the Chinese IMDb.

However, it just rose up to a political level because it has the worst actress Tian Jing. Yesterday, People's Daily, the mouthpiece of central China, criticizing "low scores of The Great Wall is damaging film industry maliciously." And then Maoyan's marking system was prohibited. At the same time Douban and Maoyan were interviews by National Film Board. And producers hire online water armies want to redeem scores and comments. How ridiculous! It just happened in 2016!

Zhang was one of the best Director of China. Yet, After 2008 Beijing Olympic he became spokesperson of official and now he is becoming subservient to the capital. Big occasion and stars throughout all the film. We cannot see what he was good at----depicting characters' inner world and a tight compact structure. What we have seen were just video effects and various of famous stars in China no matter the terrible of acting skill level.

Tian Jing, one of the magic actress in China. Since starting her showbiz, she has played many worst movies and won third The Worst Actress at Douban. However, her cooperates is bigger than bigger: Jack Chen, Tom Hiddleston, Matt Damon. Kim Hee Seon only got a supporting role when cooperated with Tian Jing. And she will play Pacific Rim: Maelstrom and Kong: Skull Island. The ugly face and acting skill make many people disgust with her. Just because her background she filmed with top stars and now even let People's daily criticizing these negative evaluation. It is said she is mistress of a man whose last name is Ye, the descendant of Ye j-i-a-n?y-i-n-g. Ye is the Co-founder of PRC. Ye's family is still one of most powerful families in China.

Now it is film time. Director Zhang used huge-crowed strategy throughout the film like opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic. He created a film that Tian Jing succeed educated European hunter and defeat the monsters which make me think the film called "TaoTie" is better. Producers want to attract more international audiences' attention that named The Great Wall that is a blasphemy to The Great Wall.

Good special effects should service to film rather than just show to audience: look! Chinese can also made good special effects! The divide of contents and special effects is a huge failure of this film. A magnificent Great Wall just dig through by monsters, man you are kidding me! Those awesome monsters just became foolish and stopped after matrix dead, which just like ignore audiences' IQ. Many people seen this film with feeling of Director Zhang, However, it just over-consumption our feeling to Director and Chinese Film Market.

The film has many Chinese elements: Kongming Lantern, Chinese Armours and The Great Wall. Yet, there only exist isolated and two-dimensional elements. Characterization look like pale and straightforward, people just walk though for attract audiences.

Finally, I am big fan of Matt Damon, but he is declining in status in my heart because of his accepted of this scripts and film.