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Ella discovers a terrifying secret when she becomes trapped in an underground storage facility. To survive she must join forces with a group of strangers, each with something to hide.

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The Hoarder movie full length review - A frustrating waste of time

Original and cool premise overshadowed by bad acting, tedious writing and an irritating and non believable villain.

Let me get this out of the way; when you hate a villain in a movie, it's usually a compliment to the actor's performance. NOT IN THIS CASE. The villain is an out of shape, bumbling fool. Clumsily running around out of breath and over-powering everyone around him. At first it's a bit tolerable (albeit humorous) and you think to yourself "God I can't wait to see this guy get what's coming to him" but it never happens. The lead characters are inept, one even decides to take a break and shoot up drugs (to relax) in the midst of all the killing. It's a complete joke that wears thin and becomes boring and frustrating. I honestly can't recall ANY movie with characters as intellectually challenged as these individuals. Then there's the ending in which the stupidity of the lead actress (Mischa Barton) reaches an all time frustrating high. If you do reach the ending, please take note and REMOVE ANY THROWABLE OBJECT FROM THE ROOM as you may damage your TV. There is no resolve to the stupidity, the fat and out of shape villain smirks and lives to see another day, and just when you think you've seen the the lead character hit an all time low in I.Q., she's topped only by her awful fiancé who can't see past the thick layer of "smarm" on the bridge of his nose.

Do yourself a favor and skip this.