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It's Halloween eve on Shelter Island, and the small town is preparing for a killer storm. But the dark clouds gathering over the island are bringing with them a curse one-hundred years in waiting. As the woods give birth to an ungodly and insatiable creature of fire, bones, and earth, three sisters must scramble to stay alive through the long dark night of the Hollow. For it's not something you can kill. It's only something you can try and survive.

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The Hollow movie full length review - Hollow and stupid nonsense movie

One of the worst movies I have ever seen, and I watch all type of movies, sometimes even if reviews are bad just so I can rate it myself.

This movie goes around stupid people doing stupid things. Normal people is not stupid, so why making a film with people doing and deciding stupid things?

One of the actresses, the blue eyes one, seems mad all the time, yelling at everyone constantly. Why? And with her eyes wide opened ALL THE MOVIE!!! Like in a panic situation all the time too. Stupid!

Stupid moments and actions happen repeatedly during the movie making you say "How...? What the...? Why she...?". Like when one of the sisters was tied up, with a rag covering her mouth so she couldn't scream and her wrists and feet tied with rope, but her hands and fingers free!!! And she was like "Hmhmm!!! Hmhmhhhmmm! Hmmhmm!". Why didn't she use her hands to remove the rag from her mouth? Or to remove the rope from her feet? So stupid!

Or when they were walking on the forest looking for the power plant and suddenly, just because one of the sisters walked a few more steps than the other, they get separated. The sister left behind starts calling for the other but the other sister never responds. Suddenly again, the other sister appears safe, telling the other to continue towards the plant. So, why would someone not respond to his/her partner call if she's a few meters away from you, more important, if she's your sister and you are together in the middle of a forest in a dangerous situation? Stupid!

These were just two examples of stupid stuff, and so many other things happen out of nothing, just because.

The only star I give is because of the monster originality.

Overall, a hollow and stupid movie full of nonsense.