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Taking inspiration from The Human Centipede films, the warden of a notorious and troubled prison looks to create a 500-person human centipede as a solution to his problems.

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The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) movie full length review - A feel-good romp if ever I saw one

Human Centipede (First Sequence) - Dark, Twisted, Kinda Stylish. Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)- Abhorrent, Vile, Without Moral. Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) - Fecking hilarious (if you're twisted)

From the messed up mind of Tom Six comes the final chapter in his Bodyshock trilogy, The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) and it goes out on a bittersweet high note.

HCIII (Human Centipede III) has taken a left turn to its canonical prequels, this time being much more comedic in overall tone. Set in an American prison, and (bizarrely) starring Dieter Laser (the antagonist from HC First Sequence) and Laurence R. Harvey (the antagonist from HC Full Sequence.) I say 'Bizarrely' as the actors are playing two completely unrelated characters. Also to note, like in the preceding movie, The previous HC films (including the DVD cases) are used as plot devices and referred to as acts of fiction.

BASIC PLOT Warden Bill Boss (Laser) is a man just over the edge of sanity who is unable to rehabilitate his prisoners. Shadowed by Boss is Dwight Butler (Harvey) who's job is to reduce the costs of government spending. Under pressure by Governor Hughes (Played surprisingly by Eric Roberts) Boss is ordered to get the prison up-to standard or else face being fired. Boss, a severely unhinged man from the start, becomes more and more frustrated and completely loses grasp of reality. Boss' frustration leads him to begin maiming inmates in hope of rehabilitating them, these acts include :- melting an inmates face with boiling water. Castrating and eating an Inmates testicles. Snapping the masturbating arm of Tommy 'Tiny' Lister (Twice) all to no avail. Becoming concerned that Boss is creating too much medical expenditure, Butler suggests an alternative method of Rehab......One he saw in a certain movie.

From this point on, I think you can guess whats going to happen but, surprisingly, in its own twisted way, it kinda makes sense. Inmates are unable to runaway, unable to talk back, it will save the state a great sum of money in food and also (not mentioned) save money on plumbing and waste disposal....think about it.

CAST It's great watching Lasers' psychotic overacting although his sustained yelling gets rather grating after a while. Harvey should have just kept mute...seriously...the fake (Texan?) accent he dons is beyond awful. Casting Bree Olsen, yes the Porn Star, as your female lead should also give you idea of how badly acted HCIII is. You can tell Tommy 'Tiny' Lister is having so much fun on set and Eric Roberts is just Eric Roberts in everything he does. Tom Six makes a cameo as a consultant for the creation of a real Human Centipede (nice 4th wall touch) The rest of the cast just serve as unused gore fodder.

BAD POINTS HCIII takes SO LONG to get going, there is surprisingly a small amount of gore in this movie, as most of it is suggested e.g. Bill Boss has a jar of dried clitoris' he likes to munch on. Its also very loud, you just wish Boss would shut the f$ck up sometimes. A large portion of the acting is just dreadful. Not necessarily a bad point, but its confusing to see actors who have appeared in previous HC movies return as unrelated characters, e.g. Dr. Sebring from HCII. The last bad point is that the cover art for the film gives away just how big this centipede is going to be.

GOOD POINTS Hidden in there somewhere, there IS actually a narrative. There gore effects are well done and never seem too unreal. Despite his constant yelling, Dieter Laser is so much fun to watch. It acknowledges genuine problems with creating a Human Centipede and introduces the Human Caterpillar.

OVERALL This is still a pretty bad movie. Tom Six announced this was going to be the 'Sickest' of all his movies.....I think that title goes to HCII Full Sequence. I like that all three movies have their own individual style, the first having a clean stylish look. The second having a cold black and white look and HCIII having a bleached heat look. I think it would have been great to this movie have a low-budget Grindhouse look.

If your a gore-whore and like schlock horror, check it out. Six has put some great black comedy in this film unlike HCII (which you gain nothing from watching)

FOOTNOTE If he makes a Human Caterpillar movie...I'll check that one out too.