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After receiving a distressing medical diagnosis, a listless young man flees the crushing tedium of Toronto city life, trading it all for the wilderness of the British Columbian Interior. When his whims go awry, he is reduced to petty thievery just to survive. Fearing his misdeeds will catch up with him, he retreats further and further into the woods only to gradually find himself the target of increasingly inexplicable and disturbing manifestations, which point to a frightening truth: he is not alone. Some one or some thing is pursuing him into THE INTERIOR.

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The Interior movie full length review - Very difficult to watch to the end

I don't review many films. I tend to only be compelled to do so if I don't like one, maybe as a warning to other potential unfortunate souls.

I watch a lot of rubbish films, I'm not fussy usually, most films entertain me to an extent. But then there's some which offend me by wasting my time, i.e. the transformers films, High Rise, any torture porn film such as Saw, The Holiday, Catwoman.......

Then there are films like this. I would have warned about spoilers, but I don't even know what happened in the film for me to spoil it for you. The short synopsis on this site pretty much covered it. There was one scene in the first 20 minutes which nearly brought a smile to my face, it was supposed to be a funny moment but like I said, it ''nearly'' bought a smile to my face, which is a long way from a laugh.

There was nothing interesting, no tension, horror, comedy, suspense, I've had more entertaining poo's.