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70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker has discovered that retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity to get back in the game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site, founded and run by Jules Ostin.

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The Intern movie full length review - Inexcusable

I was in such shock after seeing this movie, that it took me days to be able to form thoughts that I wanted to express.

This is an illusion of a movie, AT BEST. At worst, it is an insult on almost every level imaginable.

As the plot has been reviewed elsewhere, here are my observations:

Why should we remotely care about Anne Hathaway's character, "Jules"? She created a successful business, lives in a huge fabulous apartment, has the cutest daughter that looks like she was created in a Hollywood test tube, and has a husband that is willing to stay home all day to watch their precious "Paige." (Nancy Meyers, give me a break with these names!)

What's Jules's big drama? That Cameron, her business partner (?), thinks they need a "CEO" to help them run the place better? This information reduces this supposedly powerful woman to tears?

Then... Robert DeNiro, "Ben." He sees a FLYER advertising for "senior interns." Does Nancy Meyers think that "seniors" have no experience with computers or the internet or smartphones? What an insult! Anyway, Bobby sees the ad, is "selected," and shows up with veteran actress Celia Weston, some elderly black man and, INEXPLICABLY, Zack Pearlman, who clearly is NOT a "senior." These are the "interns" that are going to help out at Jules' business.

The "black senior" was OBVIOUSLY thrown in to honor some SAG "diversity clause." He vanishes after his 2.5 seconds on the screen, never to be seen again.

Then, the "movie" unfolds. Here are things that irritated me: Linda Lavin (from "Alice" ? as was Celia Weston) is desperate to connect with DeNiro, but is cruelly dismissed the instant Bobby meets "Fiona" (Rene Russo), the "in-office masseuse". Rene INSTANTLY starts sliding her hands down Bobby's back? all the way to his nether regions? in plain view of everyone in the office. Because?? Nancy must have thought this was hysterically funny, as she brings Rene back three more times, once in a scene where it looks like she's giving Bobby a blow job, when she accompanies him to a funeral (THEIR FIRST DATE), and once more at Bobby's apartment after they've apparently had the hottest night of their lives.

Next: the scene where Anne shows her "factory workers" how to "box up merchandise" is enough to make me want to join the Black Panthers, and I'm white! Anne stands, flanked by two white people, then two black people. Producers PURPOSELY put two white people next to Anne to make it look that they, too, were as stupid and dumb as apparently the black workers were, and that among FOUR PEOPLE, NONE of them knew how to fold a garment and put it in a box right. But Anne sure does, and that must be the reason she runs a big company! And because Bobby (without Anne's knowledge) SEES her "instructing" the "others," he therefore INSTINCTIVELY knows that ANNE is obviously the ONLY person on earth that should be CEO of her company. Really???

Next: Why is it with all of Anne's great success and HUNDREDS of workers (all white; let's hear it for diversity!), that apparently her milquetoast husband is FORCED to stay home and take care of their precious brat? Why is it that they couldn't hire help? But, no, if they did that, they wouldn't have the next big trauma in Jules' life: Hubby is having an affair? and he's found out by Bobby! Bobby? who has never done a bad thing in his life. Who fell in love with one woman, married her, outlived her, and is doing nothing of value until he becomes Jules' slave boy, Paige's new BFF, and the Morality Police, making it his business to call Jules' hubby out on the carpet! When does this insanity end? Oh, and when Bobby drops by to give "Matt" (Anders Holm) a piece of his righteous mind, Matt has to tell him to "watch out for all the Lego pieces" everywhere. Since the man has NOTHING TO DO except DEDICATE himself to "Paige" and "Jules" ? why wouldn't he have the time to pick up the Lego pieces? Wouldn't he himself trip over them? Or? does he leave them on the floor hoping that Jules will trip over them, stumble and fall into a coma, so he can carry on his "affair" with a woman whose face we never see?

Next: Are you going to tell me that Anne Hathaway is going to invite Robert DeNiro to come into her fancy hotel room and allow him to lie down on the bed with her, confess her deepest concerns about her husband having an affair, and then watch some old Gene Kelly movie on TV? Even Bobby knew that he was supposed to keep one foot on the floor. This was so insane as to be laughable? not laughable? cringe-inducing.

Next: The pathetic scene of Matt trying to "make up" for his "indiscretion" and "reconnect" with Jules at the end. BARF! Nancy does a close-up of his hand? no? FINGERS? reaching for Jules' fingers? and Jules BARELY responds. Wow, what a triumph! Jules and Matt are back together, everybody! Paige is going to have mommy and daddy and all her Lego toys and everybody's going to be okay! What a barf-fest!

All that said, I love Anne Hathaway and Bobby DeNiro AND Nancy Meyers can, ON OCCASION, do a comedic turn and do poignant moments. But overall, this film was an INSULT, especially to that poor black gentleman who was given a WALK-ON role to "hint" that, "Yes! We have diversity in our workplace!" ? the audacity!

This film should be scrubbed from everyone's mind and hopefully we can all get on with our lives without continuing weekly therapy.