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After the traumatic loss of her mother, a teenaged girl tries to uncover the dark secrets behind her new home, in spite of her father's disbelief.

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The Intruders movie full length review - A waste of time

In the intro a girl is kept in some cellar. Some guy with a camera arrives. She screams.

A father and his daughter move into a house in a different town. He's an architect and always busy with work. The wife had mental issues and committed suicide at some point. The girl, Rose, is obnoxious, a college student taking a semester off and also has mental issues since her mother's death but refuses to take her pills, in fact she throws them away.

As soon as she gets there the complains. But also early on she starts hearing loud noises of all kinds. And we too have to put up with exceedingly loud sound effects, noises, and music as if any second someone is going to just show up and skin Rose alive. And this goes on for the entire movie.

Rose tries to befriend a girl across the street who also argues with her father and who also doesn't have a mother. This girl asks Rose how she can live in that house given what happened there. That freaks her out and she starts researching. The previous owner was a "pillar" of the community who helped and let people in need live in the house. One of those was the dad across the street. And also a girl who vanished. The dad across the street was suspected of the disappearance but eventually cleared. But this woman also had a son. Rose finds scratches in the cellar in her house with the missing girl's name. She magically gets herself locked into rooms, stuff disappears, of course heads of dolls appear and vanish, etc.

Rose also becomes friends with some construction worker who takes her to a party but when he also fails to see any evidence of what she claims to hear she tells him to get lost.

Finally, 15 minutes before the movie is over we learn what is going on. Rose finds a secret room with a secret attic and another secret inside. It's an unsatisfying explanation, but at least it's something after 1:15 hours of nothing.

The Intruders has little going for it. Stories about people with mental issues simply don't work. Here we're lead around nose for a while. The main characters aren't sympathetic nor interesting. Nothing really advances the story in any meaningful way until the end. The sound effects instead of making things scary are just annoying. But it has fallen to the sound effects to make up for the lack of story and keep the audience from falling asleep.