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While attending a dinner party at his former home, a man thinks his ex-wife and her new husband have sinister intention for their guests.

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The Invitation movie full length review - Never gonna accept an invitation again...

"The invitation" is an indie film, where our protagonist is called Wil. Will get's invited to a party, organized by his ex-wife. During the party Will starts to realize that his ex-wife might not be like she was...

The director of this movie had previously made some bad movies, like Æon Flux for example. So I was a bit skeptical about how this movie would turn out. But I heard a lot of good things about "The Invitation", so I decided to watch it. And, was it good? Kind of. It mostly felt like a movie made by movie-school students, but this isn't the fault of the director. Well, partially it is, and in this review I'll try to explain why that is. The director of the movie is called Karyn Kusama. She did a good job at directing the movie. Each shot looked nice, and the use of color really helped with this. The more warmer colors were accentuated to give the movie a more "cosy" feel. The color red is also accentuated a lot, the wine, the torch etc. This I believe was done to represent the blood that will be shed, and that lays upon the hands of each character, or will lay on them, I should say. If this was their goal, I think that it is a fun detail. The exciting/action scenes were handled good, nothing to shaky, and with good tension. The pacing was also one of the better parts of the movie. The editing wasn't the greatest. It was done in sloppy ways multiple times, mostly when people where talking. The sound of their voice wasn't completely gone and suddenly it just abruptly stops. The soundtrack however was done good. Sometimes it had its original songs in it, I believe, which is good. The style of the songs though wasn't really consistent. Sometimes you had these weird songs, that could fit in with the TV-show "Utopia", but sometimes you had your "normal" songs. I think that they should've gone for one or the other, but not both. The make-up was done well, everything looked

The acting was the main part why this felt like a movie-school film. It wasn't very good. The actor of our protagonist, Will, was one of the worst actors in the movie. Him and one other girl, I'll mention in a bit. Will was played by Logan Marshall-Green. He under-preformed in the emotional scenes. You could see he was trying, but succeeding didn't really work out for him. In the non-emotional scenes he wasn't bad, but nor was he the greatest in those. He was accompanied by his new girlfriend, I suppose, Kira. She was better than Logan Marshall- Green and I found her to be acting fine in the action scenes. Mostly reminded me of your average actress in a mediocre horror- flick. But on average she was good. The antagonist of the movie was in my opinion also the best actor of "The Invitation". Michiel Huisman played him. Huisman is a good actor, he has proved that multiple times this time he again succeeds at it. He co-bad guy, in this case co-bad girl, was also pretty good. She was played by Tammy Blanchard. Now that I've mentioned some good actors I'll end this paragraph with a bad one again. The actress of Sadie, Lindsay Burdge, wasn't that good. She overacted and was mostly annoying.

The writing was kind of good, but fails at the end and characters. The only character they develop is the main one, and they succeed at that, but they only develop him. That's the problem. The antagonists don't get any character development, we only see a couple of video messages that give us their motive to do all these things. But that isn't that big of a mistake: a lot of big budget movies do that as well. None the less that it is a mistake. The ending, like I mentioned is also something bad. It's just so unbelievable that so many people in such a tiny place, well tiny, believe in that kind of cult. And that so many people got brainwashed by it. It was just to unbelievable to be good. The dialogue was good, though. At times it was intriguing, and I wasn't bored at any time. Another good part I want to mention that has something to do with the script is a bit of symbolism that they put in there. In the beginning of the movie Will has to kill a coyote to end its suffering, and at the end of the movie Will doesn't end the suffering of his ex-wife. That's something I like, even if this was the thing they were going for, otherwise the beginning scene would've been completely useless. And the last thing I want to mention is: Where did Sadie go? She is seen standing up again and then proceeding to follow Will, but then we don't see her again, and she has not been reported dead. So where did she go? Or did I just miss something?

Well, in the end this was a fine movie, that had me on the edge of my seat. The acting was only really my biggest complaint, but the writing had some flaws too.