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A reluctant birthday celebration starts out innocently enough but quickly turns into three men’s desperate fight for survival.

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The Ladies of the House movie full length review - Great grindhouse fun!

Disclosure: I realized AFTER I watched the movie that I am acquainted with one of its writers via mutual friends on social media. But since it was afterward it didn't affect my viewing of it. I had immediately said it was great and recommended it to others prior to realizing.

I loved it, and I'd place it somewhat in the same vein as great feminist horror movies I've enjoyed like Teeth or Ginger Snaps. This isn't that silly Tumblr style of modern feminism mind you, but a genuine and smart exploration of gender roles and, in some respects, a powerful female revenge fantasy (although truthfully none of the characters come off like great people, which is part of the dark appeal). But since it's grindhouse style of course, the main idea is gruesome sexy fun, you won't be beaten over the head with any ham-handed social commentary.

Great acting, special effects, drama, humor, and eroticism. I say it's funny, but it isn't overt comedy; it's more funny in the way the NBC Hannibal series is funny. Very dark and sharp humor, if you're sick like me you'll probably laugh.

Watch it on Hulu if you're into this genre, you won't have a bad time!