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When six friends from Massachusetts travel to the jersey shore, they end up on Clinton road at a house on a lake. They're not alone, one by one they disappear, who will survive.

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The Lake on Clinton Road movie full length review - Huh?

It asked if I was gonna give spoilers but there is nothing to spoil. I got this movie because I thought it was gonna be at least a D+ from the trailer, turned out to be an F.

No plot, no character development; I don't know hat was worse: the acting or the writing; even the scares were non existent. Was this wanna be porno turned into a movie? at least the characters were hot!!!! This movie might have gotten a 3 if all of the girls were topless for at least half of the movie. We left this movie on b/c it was so bad that it was good bad....actually to think about it; was being bad the intent of this movie? If you watch this movie, know its going to be bad and run with it. If you don't keep it on great! I'm from NJ, actually 20 minutes away, Clinton road is way scarier!!