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When six friends from Massachusetts travel to the jersey shore, they end up on Clinton road at a house on a lake. They're not alone, one by one they disappear, who will survive.

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The Lake on Clinton Road movie full length review - Dude Bro Let's Fist Bump

Okay, where to start with this movie. Well the story had potential, so there is that. I'm giving this a 1 because of the acting. I've seen a lot of bad movies because I'm a fan of B rated horror.

The actors in this movie however are something else. It wasn't so much the bad acting, all though there is a lot of that. It was more the just incredibly terrible dialogue and the delivery of that dialogue. I don't even know how to describe it. The Jersey shore type talking and yelling is so annoying that you find yourself waiting for someone to show up and kill all the main characters, and you are looking forward to it. If the directors vision was to create a movie with an okay horror story, but make the audience hate every single character, mission accomplished.