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An astronaut and his android have a talk about the place of the Human race in the Universe.

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The Last Human in the Milky Way movie full length review - Good idea-mediocre result

Cut and opening tiles with neon explanation: after an apocalypse where all lifeforms died on earth, the remaining species are kept in in stasis in a space station until terraforming provides a fitting habitat.

One human is to supervise the process, helped by his humanoid robot. Cut to the surface: they contemplate about humans destroying themselves with everything else. So far so good.

And now for the problem: we have had that plot in multiple films over the last decades. And we do not get an answer, as the robot kills the human, who turns out to be a robot himself. Just when everyone else is supposed to awake.

Cut to some nature scenery taken from any kind of documentary, with mountains, rivers, fish, and the shadow of a hunter, killing the fish, wherever that came from. Cut and end titles. No explanation, nothing.

What started OK, went fast downhill. Too much explanation, too little acting, and a fast disintegrating plot with too many holes.

1 star for the idea, 1 star for the titles part execution, and 1 for the overall effort. All else = fail!