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Medieval art treasures seized by the Nazis go missing at the end of World War II. Were they destroyed in the chaos of the final battles? Or were these thousand-year-old masterpieces stolen by advancing American troops? For over forty years, the mystery remained unsolved. A true detective story, "The Liberators" follows a dogged German art detective through the New York art world and military archives to the unlikeliest of destinations: a small town on the Texas prairie. Featuring interviews with Willi Korte (Portrait of Wally) and Texas attorney Dick DeGuerin, the film raises intriguing questions as to the motivations of the art thief and the whereabouts of the items that, to this day,

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The Liberators movie full length review - Whitewright Texas' 61 minutes of fame

I thought this documentary was very well produced and kept the viewer engaged even though due to the notoriety of the case, there was not much mystery to the "mystery." I did, however, see two - albeit minor - flaws in the film that made the film seem a bit disjunctive.

1. I do not believe the discussion of Joe Tom Meador's homosexuality advanced the story line in any meaningful manner. There was no connection established between the crime and/or cover-up and his sexual preference. Unless, of course, the director was trying to imply that Meador took the relics because, as a gay man, he liked pretty things.

2. I would have liked to have heard more from Bill Honan's perspective. I realize he passed away in 2014, but he wrote a book - "Treasure Hunt: A New York Times Reporter Tracks the Quedlinburg Hoard" - about involvement in the case that could have be referenced. My biggest issue with the absence of Mr. Honan's input is there is no explanation of how Joe Tom Meador came under suspicion. If memory serves me correctly, Willi Korte introduced Meador in the movie by saying something to the effect or "Bill Honan told me to look into the name Meador, which was also associated with the name Cook." My guess is Honan identified Meador from military records based on him being the only Soldier from Whitewright, TX to be in the unit in stationed in Quedlinburg, but it was not made clear.

I did think the interviews with Whitewright locals (including Meador's niece and nephew) added a very nice personal touch to what could have otherwise been a very dry film.