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A big screen remake of John Sturges' classic western The Magnificent Seven, itself a remake of Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. Seven gun men in the old west gradually come together to help a poor village against savage thieves.

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The Magnificent Seven movie full length review - Superbly Done,Magnificently delivered,magically entertaining from beginning till end

A slick,sick,greed,ruthless and heartless businessman Bartholomeuw Bogue (Peter Saarsgard) came to this small village Rose Creek, and just when he find out that at some site n

ear that village worth maybe tons of gold, he intend to occupied it in very cheap price, $20 for each land from which every single house build.Then, Bogue shot to death a young man, after questioning about Bogues morality when Bouge's men beat a reverend ruthlessly.The death of that young man leaves anger deep in the heart of Emma Cullen (Halley Bennet).

Then Emma accompanied by his associate Teddy (Luke Grimes) search for a bounty hunter that she will pay with everything she got. Then she cross path with Chisolm (Denzel Washington) just after Chisolm executed a state wanted man for murder and rape, and so Emma ask for Chisolm's help. Chisolm accept the job for one reason ? that he always takes high price, but never before someone ask for his service with everything they got. Then Chisolm recruits another six persons, first he recruited Faraday (Chris Pratt), a gambler drinker handsome big mouth but with excellent skills of card magic, then a sharp shooter with stress post traumatic disorder Goodnight Robicheaux a.k.a Angel of Death (Ethan Hawke),also a former Confederation along with his sidekick Billy Rocks (Byung Hun Lee), a very fast Chinese gunman, but faster and deadlier with blades (Byung Hun Lee actually a Korean actor),then Chisolm recruited a Mexican outlaw Vasques (Manuel Garcia Rulfo). After then they together recruited an ex Indian hunter, the legendary John Horne (Vincent D' Onofrio), and an Indian Comanche warrior with his noble principals, Red Harvest (Martin Sensmeir). Chisolm didn't waste much time, he and his 6 compatriots killed 22 Bouge's best gunmen and sent the town sheriff to inform Bouge, gather the town's citizens to choose, stay and fight to death or leave. These 7 men only have 3 days to prepare the city before Bogue and his hundreds of army to rush them all. This is the 2nd remake of Akiro Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai" after John Sturges "The Seven Magnificent" (1960). If 1960's version is more focus to the 7 gunmen with the citizens, Fuqua's version is upgraded into a whole new level, all thanks to Pazollato and Wenk's screenplay that create the citizen's despair, but Chisolm and his men manage to turn the citizen's fear of Bouge into the fear of lost everything they ever dream for, lost for they pride. Pazolatto and Wenk also manage to put some humor in some parts.

The screenplay smartly deliver us the story of a group of men that some of them with background that give them enough emotional reason to kill each other, e.g John Horne (ex Indian Hunter), Red Harvest (Indian Comanche), Faraday (his grandfather killed by Mexican gang), Vasquez (his grandfather was a member of Mexican gang that ambush Faraday's grandfather's town), but they bound together with one purpose, a noble purpose.Why?Cauze for another 5 men (beside Chisolm and Red Harvest) each of them have they own past to reconcile with, wanna make piece to their own soul before the next battle that could be their last one by take the impossible job. But off course the the last tiny element of surprise from Chisolm about his personal agenda, he has his very own personal reason why he finally take this job, that left me a question : Maybe this one flaw on this Mag7? Why? Because, why Chisolm rejected the offering from Emma, and declared that he himself is not for sale.but then he take the job when he found Emma will pay him ? even all at once- with everything she got. Or maybe is just Chisolm eager to know how far would this widow go to seek righteousness or even revenge?If she would go a long the way, then Chisolm had a good reason to recruit the men he need.

This Mag7 only give as much as a glance of each person's historical background, through their dialogues. Except for Robicheaux, this character get a little more exposed and curiosity what the hell happen to him after North and South war that make him hate himself so much after all act that he has committed during North and South war, that make him a very flimsy man. Denzel is really perform great his character cool bad ass, while Pratt represent enthusiasm and the spirit of this movie. Ethan Hawke (this is the 2nd time he team up with both Denzel and Fuqua) gave audiences skepticism about what will happen to this team. The rest of the cast, even didn't get portion as much as Denzel (off course, he is the man) or Ethan Hawke and Pratt ? especially Martin Sensmier get the smallest portion ? but they're all represent an assembled excellent marksmen (some of them have horrible dirty little secrets) to march as one into a battle for one descent good noble cause. Haley Bennet performances represent as young widow search for the last hope and an attitude to face all odds at all cost for he dignity since her husband gunned down in cold blood by Bouge (Saargards appearance really gives the impression as the sick man). I also give credit to the cinematography that shots all gunfight scenes so perfectly, how Mauro Fiore took the angle to describe the brutality of Bouge's gold mine from distance.

Fuqua's Mag7 is not one of classical western movie, but It's superbly done?and magnificently delivered to us, magically entertaining from beginning till end. Even though this movie might don't have what all critics wants to be as classical but still will be remembered as one of the most entertaining,enjoyable western.. Really as the quotes of the dialogues between Chisolm and Robicheaux "What we lost in the fire, we found in the ashes"