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When Grady, an assassin with a genetic disorder that renders him unable to feel pain, is sent on a high-stakes assignment, his world is turned upside-down after an attack when he awakens to discover that he can feel pain for the first time in his life. With the clock ticking and his greatest asset gone, Grady will go head-to-head with his greatest fears and unspeakable enemies, while experiencing a tactile world he never could have imagined.

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The Midnight Man movie full length review - Painless

I was truly surprised by this one, something that doesn't happen very often. While definitely a movie not made on an extreme budget it does offer plenty of action, entertainment, witty dialogue and some decent performances. That's always nice to see.

Will Kemp stars as Grady, a hit-man with a twist. As we learn in the first segment of the movie he has a rare condition that results in his having no sensation of pain. While this could be dangerous for most people he uses it to his advantage taking beatings and torture from his foes without consequence. While it confounds them it allows him the time to break free and complete any and all killings he was set out to do.

Grady's main employer is Ezekiel (Brent Spiner) who sets him on the trail of several men, all of whom have joined together to take him down and possibly Grady as well. He gives him a cell phone, sends him off to the first target and tells him he'll give him the next name as he completes each task.

Grady is drugged after taking out his first target by someone who snuck into the apartment before he could leave. That person not only left him unconscious but injected him with a serum that takes away his advantage leaving him able to feel things for the first time, including but not limited to pain. When he wakes he kidnaps an ambulance driver named Zan (Brinna Kelly) to help him deal with some wounds and assist him as the night moves forward. Of course the whole Stockholm syndrome comes into play here as Zan eventually begins to have feelings for Grady.

With each target Grady and Zan not only have to worry about completing his mission but in finding out who was there to target him as well at the first hit. In the end just who is doing what and why makes for a satisfying and completely off guard solution to the mystery.

What makes the movie work is the well scripted writing, giving Grady a wise cracking disposition that has him delivering quips while working at the job of killing people. Kemp does a wonderful job of pulling these off with ease. Not only that the end of the film also results in something so unexpected that it catches you by surprise, something that doesn't happen that often these days. Throw in some short near cameo sequences by action vets like William Forsythe and Vinnie Jones as well as one of the few non-makeup related roles by Doug Jones (who does a fantastic job here) and you have a movie that is a fun surprise to watch.

After first watching I wasn't sure if this was one I'd add keep for my collection or not. But the more I thought about it the more I kept holding on to it. In the end I think it is one I may go back to from time to time, I had enough fun for that to happen. If nothing else this is one worth watching. Let's hope all involved move forward in the direction this film is pointing.