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No one knows how the curse began, however one thing is known for sure, it is passed down from victim to victim. There is only one way to release yourself from the curse of the Carver; you must transfer the curse by tricking someone into murder, killing another person or themselves by the night before Halloween or you will meet your end at the hands of the Carver. The curse is transferred to the unfortunate person you’ve tricked into committing murder, and anyone who has helped. Let the tricks begin.

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The Night Before Halloween movie full length review - Stupid poorly executed nonsense

I don't know if executives bother to read scripts anymore. How could this film have gotten green-lit?

The characters are half dimensional, the story doesn't make any sense, everything happens very conveniently for the plot to unfold in a tired, uninteresting, and convoluted way. No tension, no suspense, nothing of real interest at all. Lots of misplaced jump scares, yet the film has absolutely no atmosphere which is essential for a horror film. I give credit to the actors for doing what they could with an exceptionally poorly executed, amateurish script. The dialogue is ridiculously bad. The worst part is that there is no catalyst to invoke the villain, who as it turns out is not very scary at all. SyFy has got to pick up their game. This is garbage.

Junk like this plays better on some YouTube channel.