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In New York City for their annual tradition of Christmas Eve debauchery, three lifelong best friends set out to find the Holy Grail of Christmas parties since their yearly reunion might be coming to an end.

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The Night Before movie full length review - Really Three Times as Nasty as the Hangover and the Movie Trailer was Twice as PG as the one for the Hangover

In all respects, I think this was a really dumb and awful movie. However, the very least a movie can do for the viewing audience is be honest about the themes and hopefully how nasty it is during the preview for the movie.

In my honest opinion, I think the movie trailer could not possibly have been more misleading of the sick content in this movie and it was definitely much, much nastier than any Hangover film for sex scenes, nudity, language, drugs, and the awful plot outline. So, I think many film ticket purchases are actually going to be refunded right at the move theaters because it would probably make some viewers cry for how sick this movie is based on the movie trailer as being a comedy. It's like the movie trailer should have been edited to include the many, many horrific moments in the film to make sure that ticket purchasers would understand they were actually going to see a movie that is really in my opinion close to the rating NC-17 and really in my opinion, in stark contrast to the trailers, the NC-17 version of the movie, "Pineapple Express," but with much more drugs, sex, nudity, and what many people just openly call filth in script writing. So parents please be warned that although it may be perfectly fine to show your children as many R rated movies as you would like and I agree they could see many, many R-Rated films, I think if I decided to not let my child see one R-Rated movie in addition to Schindler's List this one would definitely be the other one on that list. I cannot express how disgusting and foul and sick this movie was, but that would be the terms. And it's absolutely grotesque that many parents would indeed take their children to see the movie and feel too guilty to take them out of the movie. It's like the most ridiculous music tour in the whole world all ways possible for how unsuspecting families would be about the content of the movie based on the movie trailers advertising just about none of the filth, and the whole movie was just that. I don't really have any children, but I am sure this movie will really be the trumpet of peer pressure in the next decade for holiday film watching.

Other than that disclosure, I can also say that I openly don't see nasty movies like the Hangover in the theater and wait until they come out in the DVD's so for me the movie was not worth the ticket price for that. However, I did enjoy seeing the Pineapple Express so I did not really think it would have more filth than that movie but it was just a garbage bin of horrors. I think the movie was not funny in the least. I think the movie was as bad as wishing I had just gone to absolutely any other movie in the past month that has been released instead. For me, it was like watching something like a horror film where it just got so nasty I could not really look away and that's why I even sat through the whole movie without walking out at all. I am a huge fan of movies and cinema, and this movie was just a huge bomb in every way possible. I wish I had paid twice as much for a ticket to a haunted house is all I can say for the entire film. It was like taking a frat house, mixing it with an NC-17 movie, taking the dumbest actors you could find, and then calling it a Christmas comedy special to the unknowing public and expecting them not to feel bad that all they saw was the shady side of drug culture and borderline beyond soft porn. I also don't write many reviews of movies I hated seeing, and this was one of the absolutely most worthwhile reviews I ever will write for sick movies I accidentally see because it really was the worst case of a movie trailer showing nothing of how nasty the film not only becomes but just is throughout the entire movie. I think if you are in any way offended by the drug culture of many human beings ignorant that there is a huge stipulation in society that you can only do drugs if you have the money to stay out of jail if you are caught, because many human beings are serving some of the longest prison sentences on the planet that is well worth researching for even minor offenses of weed let alone the other drugs in the movie, because they did not have the money to defend themselves in court, I hope you don't see this disgusting movie.I also have to add that I indeed am not at all offended by any religious parody at all and that has nothing to do with what is very offensive in this movie. I am not even against letting human beings have drug experiments if they are taking it for the right reasons and hopefully in countries that have legalized standard dosages so you don't get ill from bad drugs, it's just the way that the human beings are doing drugs in this movie is just beyond any description possible of sick and really stupid. How about if this is supposed to be so great and funny, why don't they make a cute Christmas movie about girls having fun barfing for their drugs, fashion, bodies, or just mental illness?